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Say yes to less

a free 3-day course - a guide to becoming your most authentic self. 

gain clarity on what is truly important.


Are you saying yes to far too many things? 

Sounds like we have a lot in common. 

If you've been feeling:

  • overwhelmed
  • stressed out
  • anxious

You're in good company. I used to say yes to FAR too many things, and over many failed attempts I have come up with a formula to help you say yes to less, beat the burden of busyness, and take back control. Are you ready to find your happiness? Say Yes to Less in this free course!

what matters to you?

unlock your potential by digging deeper

there is so much more to life than being led along by expectations.

What do you really want?


Over the
next 3 days,
we will
take action. 

find clarity

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What's most important to you? Do you know what you really want, or are following what you "should" be doing. Strip away the layers and get clear on what is truly important to you. 

Take Inventory

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It is easy to get drained by the stresses of life. Discover why you are doing what you do and hold yourself accountable to habits and true motivators. 

Define Roles

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What role are you playing in your success? Are you aloting time to the things that are most important to you or are you spreading yourself too thin?

become your
most authentic self.

today is your day.

what are you waiting for?

Say Yes to Less

say "yes."


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